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Exhibition 2000:
Come and Natter Narrow Gauge:
A Report

9th September dawned damp and grey - but the weather improved as the day wore on - well enough for cricket to be played. I will spare you the usual cliches concerning the trauma of organising even a small(ish) event. They are all true and I for one was relieved when all the exhibits turned up (how could I doubt it?) and both fitted and filled the venue.

The group owes many thanks to the visiting layouts from our neighbouring group and MRS which provided such variety of viewing.

Most members were tied up by operating their layouts throughout the day (clever chaps) and although all played their part a special mention for the hero who took on the essential but unsung task of keeping the car park in order - shunting the yard! Well done.

By no means least on our list of thanks are the wives/sons/daughters etc. who were dragooned into running the station buffet and manning the door. A brilliant job.

Raffle and lucky programme prizes were won by visitors from South Ealing, Guildford, Borden, Wandsworth and Brecht in Belgium (no, I don't think he came over just for the day).

Was it a success? From our point of view - yes, yes and yes. Nearly 90 through the door in a steady stream, 2 new faces at the following monthly meeting and a helluva lot of fun. But who are we to judge? So we commissioned a writeup of the proceedings from a "consumer" point of view. This appeared in the 009 News but is reproduced here with a selection of pictures -
now read on...

Oh! - and a lot of narrow gauge got nattered!

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