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What Do We Do?

Traditionally we meet on a monthly basis on the last Tuesday of the month . At these meetings, narrow gauge and modelling matters and events are discussed and group members are available to help each other with modelling problems. Often a narrow gauge video is on in the background! Occasionally, somebody will bring along a completed model. You might be surprised at what railway books and publications are brought along and lent amongst the group and an appeal for something specialist can often be met. There is also a healthy trade in secondhand bits and pieces.

In addition, there are informal visits to various narrow gauge events and opportunities for visits to railways both in the UK and on the continent present themselves via member activities.

A monthly newsletter is circulated to all group members. The 'Surrey Flyer' contains a review of the previous meeting, a reminder of the next meeting and a miscellany of hints and tips, items of interest, forthcoming events, sales and wants and appeals for help. All designed to keep members up-to-date.

SNGMs also have several narrow gauge layouts which attend model railway exhibitions large and small and operating opportunities are always there for members. These layouts are often seen in local exhibitions and have also travelled to Europe (usually once a year for the last several years).

We have held small exhibitions of our own locally, notably Come and Natter Narrow Gauge in Grayswood in 2000 and Narrow But Nice in Leatherhead in 2001 jointly with our "big brother" of the Surrey group of the 7mm Narrow Gauge Association. Narrow But Nice was held again in 2004 and, more recently, in 2011 in Merstham (our best yet!)

Meeting dates for SNGMs are predominantly the last Tuesday of each month (with exceptions). Recently we have changed some of the dates, times and venues to provide more variety and this trend continues. The planned dates and venues of meetings as far as are known are given below. These may be amended if the need arises. If in doubt, contact us for confirmation.

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